Our co-founders, Samantha and Addriana, are restless creatives and 2018 was profoundly rough for both of them both personally and professionally. With job security slipping through their fingers during a time when they were smack in the middle of launching their adult lives in New York City, they set out to build something they could hold on to that couldn't get taken away. 


The only answer was a startup and something that would need the least overhead but require the most effort was podcasting.  With just enough money to buy a website domain and a microphone, the next question was, "What should we talk about?"

The two were overwhelmed watching The Trump Administration bulldoze the world stage but Samantha and Addriana found it difficult to engage their other girlfriends in political conversations.

Because here's the thing.."Unless you have paid attention to World History and have a deep understanding of Politics, getting involved in the conversation can be intimidating. We wanted to help." - Samantha

Dicks & Politics premiered in November of 2018 and quickly became the go-to podcast for young adults who wanted to get involved without navigating through the often elitist drabble controlled by mainstream media. It also became a hub for "Boomers" to get a fresh perspective on World News and Culture that is the pulse of this generation.

Before we could blink, WYSP was established and a full executive team was hired to meet the demand for fresh, unfiltered, digestible content with one goal: Start conversations.

The demand for genuine content from real people who don't filter their opinions or curate their social media content is at an indisputable fever-high. 


Dicks & Politics (now called, "At The Newsstand") paved the way for other shows and hosts to join WYSP and start conversations in their areas of expertise.  The best part is that we're doing it with each other and as ourselves. 


As of November 2019, our audience grew from 0 to 1.7M+ globally.  We have earned our growth organically, which means we don't pay for advertising.  This is what happens when Millennial's come together and start a business.  This is the power of word of mouth.

WYSP podcasts and web series cover World News, Tech, Sports, Gaming, Literature, Culture, Cuisine, Environmental Science and The LGBTQ Community with concentrations in The Drag Community and The Transgender Community.

Our shows stream on all major platforms and are sponsored by Anchor. We're looking forward to continuing to start conversations all around the world. 

You may be wondering what became of, "Dicks & Politics."  Don't worry, it returned in January 2020 as a strictly political show just in time for the Presidential election of 2020. Because if you ask us, it's just a bunch of Dicks and Politics. 


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